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To arise
from D10

It all started with the movie "The SM Judge", a touching true love story about a man who sacrifices everything for the happiness of his wife, gradually pushing his limits. Unfortunately, he paid a high price for his love for her.

Our concept revolves around respect and trust, but just a little more challenging. As experienced hoteliers, we found out that there is no place where intimacy and romance are combined with the world of kinky and fetish, bondage and BDSM.

And even fewer are places where elegance and style go hand in hand with excellent and discreet service.

A place where the smell, taste and texture of food and drinks also play a fundamental role makes it even rarer.

At Domaine 10, it's not about discretion because it has to be hidden, but rather about the opportunity to indulge in naughtiness - a feeling that has become priceless. Our passion for our profession has brought us creativity and that is how -Domaine 10- was born.

When developing Domaine 10, we took into account the fact that men and women think, feel, communicate and love differently. But it is mainly about discovering intimacy and passionate love.

Time and time again we are amazed at the diversity of sex and how beautifully it is created and shaped. Sex is so much more than just a penis and a vagina. By consciously using your senses during sex you can discover more variations. There are countless ways to enjoy each other with enough variety in your marriage or relationship.

As you may have noticed, there is a profound psychological consideration underlying D10. This is not about a company, but about a passionate mission to liberate couples and provide them with what matters to them, to let everyone enjoy the virtues and vices of life without restrictions or regulations.

There are many experiences and stories about how Domaine 10 came into existence, but it is now mainly about your experience, your willingness to push boundaries and we can help with that. Our mission is to empower and not seduce, because we want you to enjoy the highest pleasures of love in a discreet and well-considered place.

Who doesn't dream of having an exclusive romantic/sensual experience? With us you don't have to change anything about yourself, because maybe your most intimate feelings are eccentric and worth sharing with your partner, your lover, your love or your sweetheart. Domaine 10 offers you this unique custom experience designed to dig deep into your soul and find yourself along the way.

We have put our heart and soul into Domaine 10 with passion and love.

Sensual regards,

Your Secret Butler

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